New Website Under Construction

The Badby Village website is currently undergoing a new look, and when completed by September 2013 will be an interactive website for all residents, visitors, and interested organisations and individuals. News, events, suggestions, and chat!

We welcome ALL constructive suggestions and ideas!

Until we are ready, please use the current website by clicking on

June 5 2013

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3 Responses to New Website Under Construction

  1. badbyvillage says:

    work in progress then Denis! Just on my initial training now …!

  2. badbyvillage says:

    Hi Denis; I’ve just spent 15 minutes putting on some trial things. Quite quick and easy! No more for now, next stage is that we agree the 8 Main Headings, and divide them, as discussed! I will leave you to suggest the 8 main ones…

    Thanks for this pm, really useful, and enjoyable!


  3. badbyvillage says:

    Denis, We need to move this on now. I am back after a holiday, and plan to spend a few hours this week on getting more information on from the current website. Do you have any plans to spend time? If so, we can agree what each of us does….

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