Are you available for a couple of hours on SATURDAY 23RD JUNE?

This month’s session will take place on SATURDAY 23rd JUNE, 10.00am til noon at the village hall.
Some of you may already know that some holes have appeared on The Green.  It’s not the first time and so a wee bit of investigatory work is required before a decision is made as to how to deal with them.  This will be the priority work for Saturday as well as other regular clean-up tasks from previous months ie litter picking, working on the area behind the village hall amongst some of them.
And so we would be most grateful if you could come along on Saturday morning, hopefully in the sunshine, for a couple of hours.
With many thanks
Sharon Foster
Clerk to Badby Parish Council
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Badby bird notes,  June 2018 –

There are lots of young birds around at the moment. The feeders in our garden have attracted juvenile robins, blue, coal and great tits, greenfinch and goldfinch. More recently the back lawn has been host to several very tame, newly fledged jackdaws sitting waiting to be fed by their parents.

A highlight for us recently was watching a brood of seven great tits leave a nest box one by one in the back garden. We also have an occupied house martin nest once again under the eaves.

Swifts, swallows and house martins can all be seen in, around or over the village but none in great numbers.


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Badby & Fawsley WI meeting tonight

Don’t forget to come tonight, Thursday 14th June,  to a fascinating talk  by Captain Wells on the myths and legends of the Bermuda Triangle. 7:30pm in Badby Village Hall and visitors welcome.

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Coming soon…..

The details of the film for June and July being shown at Badby and District Film Society are available here.

Don’t forget, it is now the summer season,  so only one film per month.

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Moto-cross events on Arbury Hill

I write to inform you of changes to the motocross meetings on Arbury Hill, Staverton Lodge.  Due to cancellations there will now be meetings on the 9th September, 7th October, 2018 and 4th November, 2018.

Thank you
Best wishes
Trish Teverson

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Next meeting of Badby Parish Council

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 11th June 2018, starting at 7.30pm in the village hall. Below are the documents for the meeting:

1. Agenda
2. Background papers
3. Draft minutes from last meeting

The Parish Council will be co-opting in order to fill two vacancies created by the departure of two councillors at the My meeting. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor and serving your community, please feel free to speak to any of the current Parish Councillors as to what it entails. Then please send an email to the Clerk (Email: expressing your interest. And finally, come along to the meeting next Monday …

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Please complete DDC online survey regarding electric vehicle charging points

You may have seen our recent press article relating to an online survey regarding electric vehicle charging points. See article here.

We are seeking information on the number of electric vehicle (EV) drivers in the district and those who are considering an EV in the future. This will help us to identify the local demand and take advantage of a government grant available for local authorities to provide on-street EV charging solutions.

We would like to encourage your parish councillors and residents to complete this survey  before the deadline of Friday 22 June.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Joely Slinn
Environmental Improvement Officer
Daventry District Council
T: 01327 302253

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Badby & Fawsley WI

Captain Willliam Wells, a speaker of some repute, will be thrilling us with some seafaring tales, including the myths and legends of the Bermuda Triangle, this Thursday, June 14 at 7:30pm in Badby Village Hall.

Vistiors are always made very welcome.

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The rota for which bins are to be collected on Mondays from June 4, 2018 is shown



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St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project report #15 and final

Monday May 13: Unexpectedly Brett turned up and set about preparing the reuseable porch floor slabs and advising the archaeologists the exact depth requirements.   Another infant and another larger skeleton found today in hard clay. The latter has chest bones remaining and was removed and will likely be one of the two for analysis.

Tuesday: The architect visited first thing.  Brett has marked the exact levels of the new floor so the archaeologists know how far to go down.  Another skeleton was found at a slightly more NW to SE orientation than the others. However there appears to be the feet of yet another skeleton at about the groin area of the lower. Both to be removed today.  This leaves a hump near the outer door to be investigated.  Brett has filled the saw marks in the largest slab that came out of the porch and completed sawing other old porch paving stones for re-use.

Wednesday: Neil Nightingale of Stone Edge visited. Stone flags for new porch floor being prepared, tidying up drain east of porch and along path.  Archaeologist Carol and assistant Anna down to level and have a couple of skull fragments to record and remove and photo the porch to create a 3D image.

Thursday: Carol the archaeologist completed the last little bits of recording this morning as well as taking the two skeletons identified as having potential. The remainder of the human remains are in the church ready for storage. Brett started to lay the new floor base for the porch. See Susan’s video with Brett at

Friday and Saturday: Continued to lay the new concrete base to the porch.  The original top step stone has been removed cut down to the new lower height and reinstalled.  He took delivery of the new folding tables and trolley on Friday morning. Brett will then leave the work for Ben to finish next week.


Sunday May 20: New  tables and chairs used for the first time for teas during the Open Gardens Scheme and raised a very good sum of money for the Restoration fund.



Monday and Tueday May 21-2: Porch paving being laid.

Wednesday: Path prepared for tarmac. Extra vents installed under pews to ventilate the underfloor space even better.

Thursday: Tarmac delivered and installed to those parts of the south path, east path, tower path and up to the porch that had been disturbed. Slopes have been incorporated to prevent water flowing into the porch and directed to the slot drain across the entrance. The slopes also meet recommendations for wheelchair access.

Friday:  Clearing up with final items being attended to.  The Practcial Completion Certificate was issued by the Architect on May 29 with a small snag list for completion. 

Wednesday, May 30: The electricians explained the porch and path lighting which we thought was defective: there are PIR sensors in the porch and at the east gate which switch on the gate, path bollards and porch lights for a set period when it is dark and someone approaches.  The light units at the east gate and inside the porch additionally have their own infra-red sensors and will go to half light and then off if they do not detect anyone present!

A churchyard working party and church cleaners at work to make ready for the first formal use of the revised entrance at the wedding on Saturday.

Look out for the invitation to the service of blessing of the works by the Bishop of Brixworth on July 15 in the June LINK.  Also for the tours of church and tower – click here.

Thanks go everyone who has contributed to the fundraising, making donations and grants and the professionals and craftsmen who have enabled the work to be undertaken.  Also thanks to our neighbours for putting up with the works traffic and unsightly outlook during the project!


Next job – the nave roof!


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