Badby Bird Notes – January 2021 –

We have had three interesting visitors to the front garden recently.

A single fieldfare, presumably the same one, has spent a large part of every day for a month feeding on the apples lying on the ground (left). If any other birds dare to go near the apples, it chases them away (mainly blackbirds).

Just after Christmas a male blackcap appeared and fed on an apple while the fieldfare wasn’t looking. It hasn’t been seen again but a female blackcap (red-brown rather than black crown – right) has started to come into the garden and, despite constant attacks from the much larger fieldfare, keeps coming back for more apple.

Blackcaps that winter in this country come here from Central Europe. Fieldfares arrive from northern areas such as Scandinavia.


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Cybercrime and Fraud Protection

Advice collated by the East Midlands Police Special Operations Unit and to raise awareness among businesses and the public

There has been an increasing trend of COVID-19 phishing and SMS text message scams, e.g.:

  • Fake URL links claiming to redirect you to the GOV.UK website to claim relief payments
  • Lockdown fines suggesting you have breached government regulations
  • Offers of health supplements that will prevent you from being infected
  • Financial support that appears to be from your bank
  • Fake text messages claiming to be from the NHS advising individuals that they are eligible to apply for vaccine, but requiring sensitive data such as financial information to make a payment

To protect yourself and those close to you:

  • Keep abreast of the news: As awful as it may seem, knowledge of attack methods and techniques will hone the ability to separate fact from fiction
  • Never click links within emails or text messages: Links take you to fake websites
  • Never call back using an unrecognised SMS phone number: This could lead you to speaking directly with a criminal or criminal organisation
  • Use official channels: For example, use GOV.UK to find relevant information about COVID support and support services. Once the official communication channels are known you can verify information and find out what the next steps are
  • Guard your data: A legitimate organisation won’t make unsolicited requests for sensitive information or payments. For example, the vaccine is only available on the NHS for free to people in priority groups. Use the official NHS app, only available from Google Play or Apple Store, for more information
  • Don’t give into pressure: If someone tries to coerce you into giving them sensitive information, end the conversation
  • Watch your digital footprint: Cyber criminals will use social media accounts and relevant websites to research you and make their scams more effective. Request the removal of unnecessary information and check your privacy settings for every account.

Please report all Fraud and Cybercrime to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or online.
Forward suspicious emails to
Report SMS scams by forwarding the original message to 7726 (spells SPAM on the keypad).

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Christmas and After at The Maltsters


Thursday 24th: 12-5pm (Kitchen regular menu 12 noon -3.30pm)

Friday 25th: FREE MULLED WINE for BADBY 12 noon -1pm Outside the pub, 1 hour only

Saturday 26th: 12 noon -5pm (CHILLI CON CARNE & RICE BOWL £2.50), No other food will be served.

From Saturday 26th (Boxing Day) we will be in #Tier3. This means we will not be open on the 26th onwards until further notice. Stay Safe, have a good Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all again some time in the future.

Watch our Facebook here

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Importance of reporting suspicious circumstances

Northamptonshire Police Rural Crime Team and Operations department have responded to suspicious circumstances reported by a member of the public near to Towcester this evening (16/12/2020) . As a result 3 persons have been arrested and a stolen JCB recovered.

If you see something that just doesn’t seem right and it looks suspicious please report it via 101 or if you believe there is a crime in progress please call 999.

Message Sent By
Andy Maher (Police, Sergeant, Rural Crime Team)

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Badby Advent Trail –

Welcome to St Mary’s  Badby Advent Trail!

Click here to see and print the leaflet, map and clue report.

Follow the trail around the village –(you might need a torch if it’s dark)

the map on the sheet gives you the approximate locations of the clues but follow them in order to put together a special message.

Each clue contains two words write the top one on the top line and the bottom one on the bottom line.

All the clues look something like this;

And you will find them stuck to windows.

Each clue tells you where to go next.

Each clue has a nativity character on as well because they seem to have wandered off around the village.

Can you make a list of them too as you find them?

The first clue is by the front door of The Vicarage on Vicarage Hill.

Good luck!

The Trail ends on Sunday night (20th Dec)

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DDC agrees plan to protect economic sites

Key economic sites in Daventry District have been protected from redevelopment by Daventry District Council.

District Councillors agreed to introduce an Article 4 Direction in the ‘Strategic Employment Areas’ designated in Brixworth, Crick, Woodford, and the Drayton Fields, Royal Oak and Marches industrial estates in Daventry, as well as in Daventry town centre.

The Direction removes the permitted development right which would otherwise allow offices in those areas to be converted into homes without the need for planning permission.

The six Strategic Employment Areas were designated in the Council’s Part 2 Settlements and Countryside Local Plan, as sites where it is felt industrial and commercial space should be protected and encouraged.

The Local Plan also seeks to create a vibrant town centre in Daventry, and it is felt the loss of office space in that area could affect that. A range of more suitable sites for new housing in Daventry District are identified in the Local Plan as well as in the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy.

The proposal to introduce the Article 4 Direction was subject to public consultations in February and September, when it met with a positive response.

Councillors agreed to introduce the Direction at the meeting of Full Council on 3 December and it will come into effect on 26 February 2021.


Press release number: 2727

For further information please contact:

Ian O’Pray, Media Officer at Daventry District Council, on 01327 302310 or email

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Christmas Cheer in Badby

Dear neighbours,

After a tough year we are now facing a Christmas like no other and we would like to raise a smile to all in the village during these difficult times when most community events cannot take place. It would be great if we could ‘Light up to cheer up’ particularly for those of us who are ‘home alone’ and cannot see their relatives as well as for those working in the NHS.

Thursday December 17th at 6pm

Our proposal is to do a simultaneous switch-on of our Christmas lights and wish everyone a merry Christmas, clapping and cheering outside as we did in the summer. The lights could just be lighting up candles, flashing our fairy lights or even lighting up our whole houses and gardens…..

Hoping for some Badby cheer on December 17th at 6pm.

Helen Morris & friends

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THE LITTLE SHOP – December 2020 opening times

New shop opening times for December in Tier 2 & 3:

        • WEDNESDAYS to FRIDAYS:        11.30am – 2.30pm

        • SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS:            10am – 3pm

         inc  Sunday   Dec 27  10am – 3pm

Pre order your meat 

          • Lamb
          • Beef
          • Turkey Crown
          • Whole turkeys
          • Turkey Paupiette
          • & more
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The Maltsters in December 2020 –

Friday 4th December: Pub Classics TAKE AWAY

(Sourdough Pizzas, Fish & Chips, Maltsters Burgers & Falafel Burger).

PUB REOPENING on Thursday 10th December 5pm

        • THURSDAYS & FRIDAYS:            5 to 10.30pm

        • SATURDAYS:                                   12 noon to 10.30pm

        • SUNDAYS:                                        12 noon to 4pm

Order anytime:

    • 01327 700393
    • email
    • online:  > Online Shop  > Take away Friday 4th
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What’s in a name? –

When we all heard that the Badby Horticultural Society, or Badby Gardening Club (more of that later) was closing, there was gossip in The Glebe, gassing on the greens, and argie-bargie in the allotments…  Alas, victory has been snatched from the jaws of defeat; the Club has been saved – by the people, for the people.

On behalf of the ‘Leadership Team’, I must thank those former Committee members who recently resigned.  What a great job they did – Keith Bull, Angela Waldock, Paul and Lynne Green and Tony Bird.

But let’s look forward; and pose the question, ‘why shouldn’t you join the local Gardening Club / Horticultural Society?’  You might be ‘too young’ (or too old), or maybe you think

you don’t have enough plants, flowers or vegetables.  This is all tittle-tattle; the Club is for everyone; the last thing we need is elitism in a Gardening Club, and two words that can sound a bit intimidating are ‘society’ and ‘horticulture’. I confess that neither word appeals to me, and yet I love gardening. Gardens are our sanctuaries; hidden away from the bustle of life – and other people. We tend to put effort into screening and privacy to fashion our personal havens – somewhere to hide from personal contact outside our immediate family and friends.

Yet gardening can be a hobby best pursued with the assistance of others; we gain advice from books and magazines, radio, TV, YouTube channels and, fundamentally, EACH OTHER. There is a concern that fewer of us are accessing the kinship of a garden community and in the case of Badby Gardening Club (or Horticultural Society – take your pick), the cost of joining is £5 for the year, and you can gain so much from your membership. I cannot think of anything garden-related that is better value, even packets of seed.

Being new can attract attention, especially when you’re young, but whatever your age, background or gardening interest, you’re sure to find a welcome here. Of course, all the members live in or near to Badby and share the same soil, same weather and same pests(!) as you. There’ll always be someone who’s grown something and failed and another who’s succeeded.  People swap advice as freely as plants, cuttings and seeds.

There is the Annual Show a ‘competitive’ event which some indulge in more than others.  I have dipped my toe in and I can honestly say that as a layman I was staggered by the level and standard of the entries, but I still felt pleased with a few third places. I started to think a bit more about what to grow and my plums came second one year – but I shouldn’t boast! We are making a big effort to appeal to younger members and we hope to expand into social media platforms to promote events and connect with the Community in different ways. Despite the obvious restrictions imposed by COVID, there are opportunities to take part on-line and, [green] fingers-crossed, we’ll be back to meeting up in person by the Spring.

Why not make one of your resolutions to join the Badby Gardening Club – if you like gardening, you’re unlikely to regret it. It’s really simple to join; for further detail just email Rich on:


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