St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project Progress – report #9

Monday, March 12: Galvanised steel sections were delivered and a start made on laying out the rear platform structure.

The organ loudspeakers were disconnected from the top of the vestry cupboard.



Tuesday: Archaeologist Tim discovered a full skeleton west to east within the porch entrance.

Galvanised steelwork was assembled & bolted (M16). 

The vestry cupboard was dismantled enough to move it into the nave. Half the vestry floor boarding removed.

Wednesday: Ventilation holes were drilled through outer north[1458.jpg] and east walls under the vestry floor.

Steel erectors completed fitting the platform framework. Rotten joists and floorboards were removed from vestry floor. 18mm ply flooring for the rear platform was delivered.

Archaeologist found second skeleton under porch floor. Quinton Carroll, DAC Archaeological Advisor, informed.

Lacy & Sons Ltd started to remove the tarmac from paths and started excavating.


Thursday: Excavating by the porch to find the rain water drain pipes to divert into the new soak-away.

New archaeologists Chris and Kamil are working on the porch skeletons (now 3 and a possible still birth) as well as keeping an eye on the excavation of the paths outside.  Chris will report to the DAC Advisor this evening so we know how to proceed.

New vestry floor joists installed on damp-proof membranes.

Friday: Lacys excavating path and installing new drain pipe. Archaeologists Kamil and Catherine on site for path excavations.  Porch awaiting DAC Advisor Quinton Carroll’s instruction.

Vestry floor boarding almost completed.


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Badby bird notes for February 2018 –

For the last month we have had a flock of about a dozen siskins regularly sitting in the plum tree in our front garden. They make a great deal of noise and pay regular visits to the bird feeders. There are often one or two redpolls amongst them.

Recently red kites have been flying low over the village, possibly visiting gardens too. Kites generally feed on carrion or small live prey. They are not particularly strong and aren’t able to take rabbits, lambs, pheasants etc. but could catch small rodents or nestlings.


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Latest news!

Click here to see the latest find at the Church.


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St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project – Report no. 8

Monday, March 5: With the snow going fast and while passing lifting straps below the remaining large slab in the porch, it was found to have a hewn edge under the wall, not smoothly tapered like the other sides.  John Warr surmises that it may be the mediaeval altar stone that Vicar Witham’s brother had been looking for.

Electrician Tom fitted the new porch outside light and added a switch for the vestry heater.

New timber was delivered and the floor boarding to the CE platform was completed.

Tuesday:  New treated pine joists were fitted to NE pew platform pit.

Electrician completed power sockets for cctv in the ringing room.

Outside timber seat was removed and stored in church to clear the way for moving the great slab.

Lifting frames and a very long gantry were delivered.

Wednesday:   Lifting frames assembled through the porch and the slab lifted and rolled outside, then by dismantling and moving  the lifting frame three times, the slab was shifted to its new position by the south aisle wall. Archaeologist Tim did a small deep trial dig under its location and the turf was removed with the DAC Archaeology Advisor’s permission. The turf was tidied up and the wooden seat reinstated.

Thursday and Friday: Stonemason Ben is taking over from Brett McGeoch who is moving to another Stone Edge job near Oxford next week. Together they hand-sawed out the top stone step into the church ready for the sloping access and polished the remaining stone to match the upper doorway pillar.

See Susan’s video with Brett:

The stored pews and the flower arrangers’ cupboard were all moved to the south and central east areas, to provide a clear space for the delivery of the steelwork for the rear platform on Monday.


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Photo Club

Badby and District Photo Club at  Badby Village Hall

Extend your interest in photography and hear about the work of professionals and fellow enthusiasts.

A talk by Solihull photographer Carl Wright  – “More Camera, Less Photoshop”

7:30 Wednesday 21st March 2018

Further details from and

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Next meeting of Badby Parish Council

The next meeting is due to take place onMonday 12th March at 7.30pm in Badby village hall.  Here is the Agenda  for the meeting.


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Badby & Fawsley WI

The snow has gone and the Beast from the East has moved on so no excuse not to go to this Thursday’s WI meeting when Jane Arnold will be giving a talk and cookery demonstration on WW2 rations.  7:15 in Badby Village Hall and visitors always welcome.

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St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project – Report no. 7

Monday, February 26: Electrician fitted two  radiant heaters to each of the SW wall and Chancel and they are working.  NICEIC inspected the installation work.  Making a temporary internal porch to keep stone dust out of church when work starts on porch floor. Timber trim fitted around base of font.

Tuesday: Freezing and light snow later. Archaeologist Tim on site.  Start removing southern porch floor slabs and laying out in church. Some slabs sawn along sidewalls because the wall sits on them.

Wednesday: Snow and freezing. The larger porch slabs removed, all but one slid out from under wall, and laid outside. The side walls look like buttresses built on top of the slabs, probably in C20.  The largest slab turns out to be about a foot deep and is probably the top of a grave laying upside down. It took a great deal of persuasion to move it a bit.  Rear wall SW ceramic heater installed and working.  The concrete floor was drilled diagonally to get the cable to the side SW ceramic heater near the door from the CW pew pit.

Archaeologist Tim examining the content of two holes in the ground below the rear platforms (in the NW one he found a very rusty tin can and a broken cup probably from the 1880 works) and exposing the stonework and ground level under the pillar nearest the kitchen door.  Tim found some soil under the stone and thinks that was the original floor and that the Victorians dug out the pew pits to 15 inch depth from the existing floor level.  On the other hand the pillars look as if their bases may have been moved and the columns dismantled at some time!

Thursday: Heavy snow -4.5oC.  Architect sees the large slab and says it is too deep to go back in.  Where do we want it to go?  Stone Edge will need to hire special lifting frame to raise and move it –when the weather improves.  Colour of paint for exposed cables agreed as Olive Oil!

Friday: More snow. No show!

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The next meeting of the Badby Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Working Groups will be on Wednesday 7th March at 7:30 at The Maltsters, Badby. All parishioners are welcome and there are 2 slots on the agenda for parishioner participation.

 Agenda 7 March 2018   Notes 24 January 2018

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Tea and Meet

“Take some more tea” the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.
“I’ve had nothing yet”, Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more”. (Lewis Carroll)

If, like Alice, you’ve not been to Tea and Meet yet, do come to the Village Hall on Friday, March 2 between 2 and 3.30pm to enjoy tea and cake with friends and neighbours.

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